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JTS FINANCIAL is a multi-generational family office born out of the investment management efforts initiated by John T. Sharpe in the mid-1990s. We seek to invest over an extended time horizon in a variety of asset classes, including public equity, fixed income, private equity, venture capital, real estate, oil & gas, and hedge funds.  JTS Financial prefers minority, passive investments but will consider more active roles for smaller situations.  We also seek to establish long-term relationships with sponsors which can span decades over multiple funds and transactions.  


TOM H. SHARPEis President of JTS Financial and serves as primary liaison with over 25 investment managers spanning a wide range of asset categories.  Tom executes this role on a part-time basis, with his primary career being investment management for Compatriot Capital, Inc. (the real estate private investment subsidiary of Sammons Enterprises, Inc., one of the nation’s largest private companies).  Tom began his career in financial services after earning his MBA from Duke University. Prior to business school, he served as a submarine officer in the US Navy following graduation from Stanford University with a degree in Computer Systems Engineering.

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Dallas Business


6125 Luther Lane #303
Dallas, TX  75225

THE LEGACY for inter-generational investment began with John’s father-in-law, Leonard B. Brown.  The combination of business acumen, financial shrewdness, long-term planning and generosity embodied by Leonard was an inspiration to John Sharpe and his wife Margaret.  The formation of the family office in the 1990s followed several decades of John's success in the financial services industry, including serving as Chairman and CEO of Transport Life Insurance until its sale in 1982 to American Can as well as numerous leadership roles within Commercial Credit Corporation, Primerica and Travelers (all predecessors to Citigroup).  Concurrently with establishing a framework of strategies for broader family participation in his investing endeavors, John continued to lead in a variety of other management roles within the life insurance industry, including Southwestern Life and Bank One Insurance, among others, prior to his passing in 2003. Since then, John's son Tom Sharpe has served as President.   

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